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Unusual Cold Grips Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, Prompting Concerns

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The Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu is currently experiencing an unusual and unseasonal cold spell, causing concerns among residents and environmental experts. The plummeting temperatures, with readings as low as 1 degree Celsius in certain areas, have led to frost-covered lawns and dense fog, impacting visibility and causing health issues for locals. Many residents have resorted to gathering around bonfires to keep warm.

Experts, including V Sivadas of the Nilagiri Environment Social Trust (NEST), attribute this unexpected cold to global warming and the El NiƱo effect. Sivadas emphasized the need for a comprehensive study on this climatic change, considering its potential challenges for the Nilgiris.

The tea plantation, a significant economic activity in the region, has been adversely affected by heavy rains in December followed by the current cold spell. R Sukumaran, secretary of a local tea workers union, expressed concerns about potential impacts on production in the coming months.

Vegetable farmers, particularly those cultivating cabbages, have also reported adverse effects on their crops due to the unusual weather conditions. Residents, including government employees like N Ravichandran, find it challenging to navigate the cold conditions, leading to health issues such as difficulty in breathing, severe headaches, and fever.

Overall, the unexpected cold spell has raised worries about its potential consequences on agriculture, health, and the local economy.

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