Bakrid celebrations, Tiruchi, Id-Ul-Azha

Bakrid Celebrations in Tiruchi Marked by Joy and Communal Spirit

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The festival of Id-Ul-Azha, also known as Bakrid, was joyously celebrated in Tiruchi as Muslims gathered for special prayers and shared sacrificial meat with relatives and the needy on Monday.

Congregational prayers took place in mosques and open grounds across the city early in the morning, with men, women, and children participating fervently. At venues like Uzhavar Sandhai in Tennur, prayers were held in segregated enclosures.

Id prayers began as early as 6 a.m. and concluded by 8 a.m., followed by the traditional goat sacrifice. Many opted to have their animals sacrificed at butcher shops for convenience, ensuring meat was ready for distribution by mid-morning.

The day continued with festive banquets prepared in large quantities, emphasizing the spirit of sharing and community. Residents highlighted the festival’s significance in promoting compassion and unity through shared meals and prayers.

Bakrid serves as a poignant reminder of empathy and humility, fostering deeper connections among the faithful during this auspicious occasion.

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