Flow of Aavin milk increases, thanks to flow of water

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Tiruchi Aavin’s milk procurement has touched a whopping five lakh litres, thanks to favourable climatic conditions and large tracts of green pasture.

On an average, the Tiruchi District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union procures between 3.80 lakh litres and 4 lakh litres per day from 688 affiliated milk producers’ societies in Tiruchi, Ariyalur, Perambalur and Karur districts.

The average daily procurement during 2015-16 was 3.60 lakh litres.

According to statistics available with Tiruchi Aavin, procurement has been on the rise since recording an all-time high of 4.85 lakh litres in October 2017.

The current pattern of procurement shows that it has breached the five-lakh-litre mark in August, surpassing the earlier record. It touched 5.30 lakh litres on a day in August, with the numbers hovering between 5.2 lakh litres and 5.30 lakh litres during the month.

Although the average procurement of milk has come down marginally to 4.9 lakh litres in September, officials say it is still on the higher side.

“We recorded the highest procurement of milk in August and it continues to remain high,” says V. Subbu, General Manager, Aavin, Tiruchi.

According to her, the conditions are favourable for rearing milch animals. There is no scarcity of dry and green fodder. Moreover, there has been no drinking water crisis affecting supply to cattle. The flow of water in some of the canals and rivers in Tiruchi, Karur and Ariyalur districts has also been a favourable factor for cattle rearing.

The number of milk pouring members has gone up from 58,000 to 59,000 in recent months, A.P. Natarajan, Deputy General Manager, Procurement, said.

Their number is expected to go up further in the calving season between October and December. Hence, there is a possibility of volume of procurement touching 5.50 lakh litres by year-end, he added.

Out of about five lakh litres of milk procurement, 1.21 lakh litres have been earmarked for sale in Tiruchi, Ariyalur, Perambalur and Karur districts, Ms. Subbu said.

Aavin sent 1.30 lakh litre of chilled milk to Chennai daily in addition to 72,000 litres of processed milk in sachets from the Padalur dairy plant. The surplus milk is being sent to Erode and Tiruvannamalai districts for conversion into milk powder, Ms. Subbu added.

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