Work to repair expansion joints on Cauvery bridge begins

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With motorists complaining over jolts experienced by them while traversing along the Cauvery bridge in the city, the Highways department has started repairing some of the damaged expansion joints.

The works have been taken up as part of the regular maintenance carried out by the department, sources said. Built in 1976, the bridge is a vital link connecting Tiruchi city with Srirangam and caters to a huge volume of traffic.

Department sources said that the edges at some of the expansion joins in between the spans were broken due to the heavy traffic, thereby causing jolts for vehicle-users.

Advanced guniting methods are now being used to repair the damaged edges, they said. Currently the work is being taken up at six expansion joints where broken edges have been identified. However, workers have been instructed to check other expansion joints also by blowing air at high pressure to check if there was any damage in them.

Some of the damaged tiles on the pavement along the bridge would also be repaired, the sources added.

The department had recently rebuilt the parapet of the bridge after a rehabilitation-cum-beautification of the Cauvery bridge, carried out by the Highways Department in 2015-16, drew much flak from the residents.

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