India is going through a Transformation from Traditional to Non Traditional Business, S Ravi

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Mr. Sethurathnam Ravi (S Ravi) is the former Chairman of Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) and Founder and Managing Partner of Chartered Accountants’ firm Ravi Rajan & Co., an advisory and accountancy firm, headquartered in New Delhi, India. . S Ravi on encouraging Emerging & Small Businesses and how they can leverage themselves rightly in the current environment.

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S Ravi BSE Former Chairman

Sethurathnam Ravi, a chartered accountant by profession, was the former chairman of BSE. He had been and is still continuing to be in board of many prestigious institutions. He shed his light in the current economic environment about his thoughts and how can a young entrepreneur establish his footsteps.

According to S Ravi, be it a startup or an enterprise of the future, how can they leverage themselves rightly in the current environment where everyone is predicting a super growth for India over the next 5 to 10 years. what are the regulatory issues they need to deal with, how can to navigate them, how to look after compliance because compliance is taking up their time money and effort and mind space, and most importantly the two issues that one can throw light on placing capital is that you know it’s raining IPOs both in the primary and secondary markets.

S Ravi, the former BSE chairman feels that money is abundantly available and second, is the fact that becoming the technology play,  you need to be a technology company whatever business you’re.

 Mr. Ravi, with the background experience in advising entrepreneurs companies and even part of the policy Making in the country would like to make a quick remarks on  background of why the next few years are the best years for emerging companies grow and leveraged business environment that exists in India.

 The first and foremost factor that is there is the transformation that is from traditional business to the non traditional business or to the new age business, says the Ex chairman of BSE. So, this transformation has been happening for the last ten years but it has accelerated over the last five to seven years.  And one has seen lot of growth of fintech companies, new banks, seen lot of service providers, there are also a lot of critics type of company companies, and the companies which have that successes behind like paytm. But there should be new companies which are very robust and are coming up in all fields, let it be financial services, manufacturing, robotics or artificially intelligence. So what worries everybody in this space of the emerging companies and startup is compliance. For them, the cost of compliance can come down drastically if artificial intelligence and uniform platforms are created for them.

 So that is why, S Ravi recommends both the technology with the small emerging companies whether it be any manufacturing, aerospace etc. They can take anything so it has red deed and the cost of compliance will be automated and that is what I think is going to be the next level that the country going to witness. The growth is going to be there because of this and technology has played a very predominant part in it. Manufacturing company with core strength that has to coincide with technology companies to have a robust future says the former BSE chairman.

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