The incident was reported from Delhi's Prashant Vihar last night.(Representational)

Delhi Wedding Staff Beaten To Death By Music Band Members Over Food Plates

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Furious over the delay in getting food plates, twomembers of the band thrashed Sandeep with a plastic cratewhich led to his death.

New Delhi: A catering staff was allegedly beaten to death by members of a music band following an argument over the availability of food plates at a wedding in Delhi last night, the police said.

The incident was reported from Delhi’s Prashant Vihar.

Members of the music band, including the DJ, asked Sandeep Singh for plates to have dinner.  He told them the dishes are being cleaned and that they will be available in a while.

Furious over the delay, two members of the band thrashed Sandeep with a plastic crate which led to his death, police said.

“Two people have been arrested for the alleged murder and investigation is on,” officials said.

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