Ukraine should be 'erased off the map', says Russian propagandist

Ukraine should be ‘erased off the map’, says Russian propagandist

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Russian propagandist Sergey Mardan called Ukrainians “ghouls” and said Ukraine must be “erased off the map”.

Ukraine should be erased off the map and people who are fighting for it are “criminals, degenerates”, said Russian propagandist Sergey Mardan. “There is no pity for any of them, not one of them,” he added.

A video clip of Sergey speaking on what is understood to be Russian television was shared on Twitter by Julia Davis, a columnist for The Daily Beast.

Sergey Mardan said Ukrainians are the “undead” who are “simply animals”. He went on to say that Ukrainians “don’t need to be agitated to lose their human form, they have no form anymore.”

He also called the people of war-torn Ukraine “ghouls”. “This is whom Russia is fighting against — ghouls,” said Sergey.

He went on to say that “all conclusions have already been reached” in one year.

In the past, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the invasion a “special military operation” to reduce a threat to its own security. The war, which entered its second year in February, has killed thousands of troops on both sides, tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and displaced millions.

It has also had a drastic effect on the global economy and disrupted international relations.

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