Delhi Man Stabbed On Camera. He Had Punched Attacker 2 Years Ago

“She Told Us He Was Her Uncle”: Orphanage Worker On Horrific Mumbai Murder

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Officials said a few of the body parts were crushed in a mixer and boiled in a pressure cooker.


A 56-year-old man has been arrested in Maharashtra’s Thane for allegedly murdering his live-in partner, chopping and boiling her body parts. The body of Saraswati Vaidya, who was an orphan, was found scattered in her seventh-floor apartment at Mira Road on Wednesday evening. Some parts were found in buckets, some were boiled in a cooker.

Officials said a few of her body parts were crushed in a mixer and boiled in a pressure cooker, in what appeared to be a re-run of the Shraddha Walkar case.

NDTV visited the orphanage where the victim, Saraswati Vaidya, grew up. A worker at the Jankibai Apte Balikashram in Ahmednagar says that Saraswati had told them that she was living with her uncle.

“She told us that her uncle stays in Mumbai, and I stay with him. She told us that the man is a clothes merchant and is extremely rich,” Anu Salve tells NDTV.

She added that Saraswati had last visited the orphanage two years ago and seemed extremely unhappy during that visit.

Manoj Sane was not married. He has a house in Mumbai’s Borivali, where some of his family members live, but he had been staying apart from his family. He used to work at a grocery store in Borivali. The victim often visited the shop where Sane worked, police said.

Their friendship grew in 2014 and they started living together from 2016. They moved to the Mira Road flat three years ago.

Manoj Sane was caught after a neighbour noticed a foul smell wafting from the couple’s flat and alerted the authorities.

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