Riding on Trichy Heber Road turns nightmare for bikers

Riding on Trichy Heber Road turns nightmare for bikers

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Trichy: Chronic stagnation of sewage mixed with rainwater and encroachments have made Heber Road near the district court here a nightmare for motorists. Locals have sought a permanent solution to the problem.

Residents said even algae were grown in between the carriageway and a faulty stormwater drain near the Sedal Mariamman temple due to water stagnation. They wondered what could be the reason for waterlogging, a common sight between a public toilet and the Sedal Mariamman temple, even though the stretch is provided with a stromwater drain.

“Half of the road is always inundated with water. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are at the receiving end. We have been urging the corporation to restore movement of buses through the road. But with the present state of the road, even two-wheelers cannot access the stretch,” said S Saravanan, a resident of Palakkarai. Even on days without rainfall, wastewater has been inundating a portion of the road, he added.

A corporation official said water is stagnating on the road due to culvert improvement work and assured to complete the work within a couple of days.

Dark roads pose threats to motorists, pedestrians

Several main roads and lanes in Guwahati are in darkness, causing difficulties for motorists and pedestrians. One particular road, Hatigaon Road, has not had a working street light for the past nine months, leading to accidents and deteriorating road conditions. The local residents have complained multiple times to the authorities, but no action has been taken. Similarly, Dr RP Road in the Ganeshguri area also lacks street lights, posing risks to commuters. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation claims that the street lights are not working due to construction work and a lack of tenders for repair.

Dhanbad commuters wade through inundated road, dams water recede

The Dhaiya-Barwadda Road in Dhanbad, India, has been flooded for three consecutive days, causing inconvenience for commuters and damaging homes. The road lacks proper drainage, exacerbating the problem. The district administration has formed a committee to find a permanent solution to the issue. In other news, water levels in the Narmada dam and Patratu dam have risen, leading to flood alerts in nearby areas. Additionally, heavy rain in Goa has resulted in a road being washed away, leaving a village cut off.

Early cleaning of channels fails to stop water stagnation in Madurai

Despite efforts by the Madurai corporation to clean channels and improve the drainage system, several areas in the city continue to suffer from water stagnation during heavy rains. Opposition councillors criticize the corporation for inadequate desilting of channels and call for a comprehensive cleaning drive. The corporation had previously identified 15 areas prone to water stagnation and had plans to establish relief centers and desilt channels. However, the ongoing work on the Mullaperiyar drinking water scheme has limited the corporation’s time for monsoon preparedness.

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