Trichy Shaken by Shocking Murder: Minister K.N. Prabhakaran, Investigated in Ramajayam Case, Brutally Slain

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Trichy was plunged into panic as Minister K.N. Prabhakaran, under investigation in the murder case of Nehru’s brother Ramajayam, met a tragic end, being brutally murdered in the city.

Prabhu, also known as Prabhakaran (45), operated an ambulance and home care company situated opposite the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital in Trichy. Formerly a trade union executive in the Patali People’s Party, Prabhakaran had recently been released on conditional bail after facing various charges.

The shocking incident unfolded as Prabhakaran was seated in his office after signing at the Government Hospital police station the previous night. Three assailants wielding sickles barged into the office, swiftly attacking Prabhakaran, who succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The assailants fled the scene immediately after the brutal act.

Upon receiving information, the police from the Government Hospital Police Station promptly arrived, seizing Prabhakaran’s body and transporting it to Trichy Government Hospital for a post-mortem examination. A murder case was registered, and an intensive search for the perpetrators commenced.

The investigation led to the arrest of four individuals: Lakshmanan (38), Basheer (29), Riyas Rajesh (24) from Ariyamangalam area of Tiruchi, and Rajesh Pilot (28) from Madhavaram area of Thanjavur district. However, one individual named Hariharan, alias Appu, remains at large, and the police are actively pursuing his whereabouts. All four suspects are alleged to have participated in the murder of ambulance owner Prabhakaran.

As the investigation unfolds, the police have secured CCTV footage related to the incident, providing crucial insights into the circumstances surrounding the murder. Authorities are conducting rigorous interrogations and examinations in an effort to unravel the motive behind this shocking crime.

It’s worth noting that in 2012, K.N. Ramajayam, the brother of Nehru, was abducted and murdered during a walk. Thirteen years later, no arrests have been made in connection with the murder, prompting the case to be transferred to the CBCIT for a CBI investigation.

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