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Pharis Aboobacker’s Inspiring Journey from Small-town Roots to Corporate Success

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Pharis Aboobacker life is a testament to the potential for success that lies within the determined and hardworking. With a diverse career path that includes owning the Deepika Newspaper and currently steering a thriving firm in Chennai, Pharis has proven that one’s origins need not limit their aspirations.

Born in Koyilandi to Mundail Abu Bakar and Mariakarat Sophia, Pharis hails from a family rooted in Nandi, located in the Kozhikode district near Koyilandi. Early education at Poilkayil Government High School laid the foundation for his academic journey, culminating in studies at Kozhikode’s Farooq College.

Upon graduation, Pharis Aboobacker chose to contribute to his father’s modest leather products business in Chennai. Through hard work and dedication, he not only assisted in its growth but also guided it to opulence through successful export trading ventures. Pharis’ success story in the export market has drawn comparisons to some of the country’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, showcasing his ascent to prominence.

Managing various enterprises, including real estate holdings, Pharis Aboobacker has emerged as a successful entrepreneur while maintaining a stellar reputation in the business world. His ability to build a fortune from a challenging childhood underscores his resilience and persistent work ethic.

Pharis has contributed to the corporate landscape by serving on the boards of several corporations, both large and small. His directorship includes Chikmangaloor Real Estates Private Limited, Kadavanthara Properties Private Limited, Daram Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Realtors Private Limited, and Parrot Grove Private Limited, in addition to Petropas Automotive Private Limited.

Before taking over as proprietor, Pharis Aboobacker worked as a contributor to the Deepika newspaper, showcasing his versatility in the media industry. In Kerala, he not only owned “Deepika” but also another daily newspaper.

Pharis Aboobacker’s journey from his small-town roots to becoming the CEO of a thriving corporation serves as a valuable lesson to all. It highlights that our origins do not dictate our destinies; rather, with determination and hard work, we can transcend limitations, evolve, and achieve remarkable success regardless of our educational background or initial circumstances.

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