WhatsApp Explores Nearby Sharing Feature for Instant File Exchange

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In a bid to simplify file-sharing further, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature called ‘Share files with people nearby.’ This functionality will enable users to seamlessly exchange photos and videos with individuals in close proximity. The feature is currently in the testing phase for beta users.

WhatsApp has been consistently enhancing its file-sharing capabilities, last year introducing HD file sharing without compression, supporting files up to 2GB in size. Now, the platform is taking another stride by exploring ways to streamline file exchange across devices. The Share files with people nearby feature is said to be under development, resembling Android’s “Nearby Share” functionality that requires users to be in physical proximity.

According to reports from WABetaInfo, the file-sharing feature is accessible for WhatsApp beta users on Android The provided screenshot illustrates a novel method for sharing files in this feature. To utilize it, users need to navigate to a dedicated section for sending and receiving files. Both users must access this section to facilitate secure file sharing within a short range. The report suggests that initiating a share request involves shaking the device, providing a controlled mechanism for file transfers. Importantly, the feature will maintain end-to-end encryption, ensuring secure file transfers even outside of a WhatsApp chat or in unfamiliar network settings.

While Android phones already offer ‘Nearby Sharing’ and Apple provides Airdrop, WhatsApp’s upcoming feature may stand out due to its heightened encryption and privacy benefits. The enhanced security measures could be particularly appealing when sharing files in public spaces, as the user’s phone number remains hidden from non-contacts. However, it is crucial to note that this feature is still in development, and its release timeline remains uncertain for the regular app version.

In other updates, WhatsApp has recently introduced several features for its Channels, catering to users who wish to broadcast messages to a broader audience. Mark Zuckerberg unveiled these new features last week, including voice updates, polls, share to status, and multiple admins. These additions aim to elevate the user experience and engagement within WhatsApp Channels.

New Features for WhatsApp Channels:

  1. Voice Updates: Channel admins can now send voice messages to their followers, enabling more effective communication.
  2. Polls: Channels can create polls to gather feedback from their audience.
  3. Share to Status: Channels can now connect with personal contacts by allowing users to share Channel messages to their status.
  4. Multiple Admins: Enhancing group management, this feature permits Channels to have more than one admin, providing flexibility and efficiency in moderation.

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