Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Tamil Nadu Congress President Selvaperunthakai

Prime Minister Modi’s Chennai Visit Met with Congress’ Black Flag Protest

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled arrival in Chennai today has stirred political fervor as Lok Sabha elections draw near. As parties gear up for the upcoming parliamentary elections, Tamil Nadu BJP, too, is actively engaged in campaign activities.

Prime Minister Modi recently took part in the concluding ceremony of Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai’s ‘En Man En Makkal Pada Yatrai’ in Palladam, Tirupur district, on the 27th. During his visit, he also laid the foundation stone for various welfare schemes, reflecting BJP’s commitment to the state.

Today marks Prime Minister Modi’s second visit to Tamil Nadu in less than a week. He is scheduled to participate in the BJP rally at Nandanam, Chennai, under the banner ‘Meendum Modi Sarkar.’ The anticipation surrounding his visit has energized BJP members in Tamil Nadu, with plans to emulate the scale of DMK’s general meetings.

However, amidst the buzz, reports indicate a planned black flag protest by the Tamil Nadu Congress against Prime Minister Modi’s visit. Congress leader Selvaperunthagai criticized Modi’s alleged bias in protecting fishermen, while party president Ranjan Kumar announced that the protest would be staged by the SC and ST wing of the Congress.

Security measures have been heightened with 15,000 police personnel deployed in Chennai, and restrictions imposed on commercial vehicles’ entry on major roads from noon to 8 pm.

Prime Minister Modi’s itinerary for his Chennai visit includes arrival from Maharashtra at 2.45 pm followed by a helicopter journey to Kalpakkam to visit a nuclear reactor development project at 3.30 pm. He is expected to return to Chennai airport by 5 pm and travel by road to Nandanam YMCA to participate in the BJP rally before departing for Telangana at 6.35 pm.

In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has already announced candidates for 195 constituencies in the first phase, as it seeks to consolidate its position within the National Democratic Alliance.

The political landscape in Tamil Nadu remains charged as Prime Minister Modi’s visit intertwines with both BJP’s campaign fervor and Congress’ dissent, reflecting the intensity of political dynamics in the state.

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