The samples were collected from India Bakery, from where the cake was ordered by victim girl Manviā€™s parents on March 24.

High Concentration of Artificial Sweeteners Detected in Cakes from Patiala Bakery Linked to Tragic Birthday Incident

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Following the tragic death of a schoolgirl in Patiala allegedly due to consuming a cake from a local bakery, recent investigations have revealed alarming findings regarding the quality of cakes produced by the establishment. Two out of four samples collected from India Bakery, where the fatal cake was purchased, have been identified as substandard due to their high concentration of artificial sweeteners.

The incident occurred on the birthday of Manvi, a young girl from Patiala, who succumbed after consuming a cake ordered by her parents on March 24. Subsequently, her entire family fell ill. Dr. Vijay Jindal, Patiala District Health Officer, highlighted that the samples exhibited an excessive presence of artificial sweetener, surpassing permissible limits, thus classifying them as substandard.

Although action has been initiated against the bakery following the discovery, regulations prevent immediate closure of the establishment. Dr. Jindal emphasized that a notice has been issued to the bakery, signaling further investigation and potential repercussions.

Further complicating matters, the cake sample consumed by the deceased girl, collected by the police, awaits analysis at the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). Until the FSL report is obtained, definitive conclusions regarding the cake’s composition cannot be drawn.

Punjab Health Minister, Dr. Balbir Singh, has intervened, ordering a comprehensive inquiry and directing the food safety department to analyze cakes from the bakery at the state’s food safety laboratory.

The incident unfolded as Manvi, a fifth-grade student, celebrated her birthday with her family. After cutting the cake around 7 pm, she retired for the night. Tragically, she was discovered unconscious the following morning, and despite efforts to revive her, she was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Manvi’s family alleged that several members experienced illness after consuming the cake. Despite their attempts to seek clarity from health officials, they were reportedly turned away. Concurrently, the police are conducting investigations, resulting in several arrests.

Expressing deep sorrow over the incident, Health Minister Dr. Balbir Singh underscored the importance of safeguarding children’s well-being and pledged a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding Manvi’s untimely demise.

As investigations continue and authorities delve deeper into the matter, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the criticality of stringent food safety regulations and heightened vigilance in ensuring consumer welfare.

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