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Trichy Corporation Resumes Wireless Road Widening Project Amid Residents’ Concerns

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Trichy Corporation has reignited the road widening and relaying efforts along Wireless Road, connecting KK Nagar with Trichy International Airport via the Trichy-Pudukottai National Highway. After a sluggish start since its launch in January, the project has recently picked up pace.

The ongoing phase involves the installation of prefabricated medians to manage traffic flow along the 3.5km stretch. Residents had voiced concerns over the slow progress, exacerbated by accumulating dust on the incomplete road, impacting air quality in the area. Their grievances were highlighted in a report titled ‘Slow pace of road work, pollution irk residents’, published by TOI on April 21.

Responding to the residents’ outcry, Trichy Corporation has accelerated the project. A section of the 1.8-km stretch, spanning four corporation wards, has already received a layer of bituminous mixture. Precast concrete medians have been strategically placed, with limited median openings at major junctions, despite calls from residents for additional openings at cross streets.

K Ambikapathy, ward 65 councillor, assured residents that efforts are underway to address concerns raised during the project’s execution. Plans include engaging the survey department to identify and remove encroachments, ensuring the widened carriageway’s integrity. Additionally, residents’ apprehensions regarding potential water stagnation due to the lack of a drainage network have been acknowledged by the corporation. As part of the next development phase, a stormwater drain network will be constructed to channel excess rainwater to Kottapattu tank, mitigating the risk of waterlogging along Wireless Road.

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