Snakes and lizards smuggled from abroad seized at Trichy Airport

Rare snake-lizard seized at Trichy airport

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Trichy Airport is served by flights from Malaysia and Singapore. There has been an ongoing story of some passengers smuggling large amounts of gold in these flights. To prevent this, customs officials are taking continuous action.

Also rare turtles were smuggled from Malaysia to Trichy a few days ago. The customs officials confiscated them and handed them over to the forest department. The turtles were then sent back to Malaysia.

47 rare snakes

In this situation, the Malindo flight arrived at Trichy from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, yesterday at 10.30 pm. Passengers who arrived on this flight were checked by customs officials. When a passenger named Mohammad Moideen (age 30) from Chennai checked the belongings brought by him, it was revealed that some figures were moving. Following this, he was taken away separately and the officers searched his belongings. 47 rare species of snakes and 2 species of lizards were found. It was also revealed that they were smuggled from Malaysia to Trichy. The authorities interrogated Mohammad Moideen about this. He was later arrested.

Forest department check

And the forest department was informed about this. Accordingly officials from Trichy District Forest Office have come to Trichy Airport and are checking snakes and lizards. It looks like the snakes and lizards are going to be sent back to Malaysia. Officials are working on this.

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