A second-year engineering student at PSG College of Technology, was reportedly subjected to an assault by his seniors, during which they also forcibly shaved his head.

Seven PSG College Students Arrested in Coimbatore for Ragging and Assault on Junior

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COIMBATORE: In a distressing incident, Coimbatore Police have taken seven students into custody from PSG College of Technology for their alleged involvement in ragging and assaulting a junior student within the campus.

The victim, identified as a second-year engineering student at PSG College of Technology, reportedly endured physical assault at the hands of his seniors, who also forcibly shaved his head during the incident.

According to information provided by a police officer speaking to India Today TV, the second-year student had been facing harassment and blackmail from senior students in the days leading up to the assault. On Monday, the situation escalated when the victim was taken to a room where he endured hours of assault.

“The seniors used a belt to hit the junior student, and there were visible abrasions on his body,” stated the police officer.

Upon filing a complaint, the police promptly initiated a case, resulting in the arrest of the seven students allegedly involved in the incident. The college management has affirmed its commitment to providing full cooperation with any legal actions that may follow.

Ragging, a pervasive issue in educational institutions, remains a serious concern, necessitating strict measures to prevent and address such incidents. The arrests highlight the significance of creating a safe and respectful environment within college campuses and the importance of taking decisive actions against those found guilty of such misconduct.

As legal proceedings unfold, PSG College is expected to conduct its own internal investigation and take necessary actions to address the issue comprehensively. The incident underscores the imperative for continuous efforts in promoting a culture of mutual respect and zero tolerance for harassment within educational institutions.

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