Trichy District Police Intensify Security Measures for Safe Diwali Celebrations

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TRICHY: As the festive fervor of Diwali envelops the region, the Trichy district police have bolstered security arrangements to ensure a peaceful and secure celebration this year. With a comprehensive plan in place, law enforcement is gearing up to maintain law and order during the festival.

A significant deployment of police personnel is part of the strategy, with a total of 900 officers and constables set to be on duty. This includes 24 inspectors, 45 sub-inspectors, 800 constables from the law and order unit, and 50 constables from the armed reserve (AR) police force. Additionally, 100 constables from the traffic wing will be actively managing and regulating traffic flow in various areas.

To enhance surveillance, the police have strategically installed surveillance cameras in key locations, including Thiruverumbur, Kollidam, Samayapuram, Musiri, Thuraiyur, and Manapparai, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring.

Recognizing the increased footfall in markets for Diwali shopping, the police have deployed both male and female officers in plainclothes to discreetly observe the crowd, thwarting potential thefts and maintaining a vigilant eye on any criminal activities.

To safeguard homes during residents’ absence, the police have urged individuals leaving town to report to the jurisdictional police station. This measure aims to deter burglary attempts and enhance the overall security of residential areas.

As part of the comprehensive security plan, the police have activated 44 bike patrol teams and 11 highway patrol teams, ensuring continuous surveillance to prevent crimes around the clock. Specialized units have been formed to apprehend pickpockets, con artists involved in attention diversion, and eve-teasers.

In a stern warning, the police have emphasized the adherence to permitted times for bursting crackers, cautioning that violations will result in legal consequences. Firecracker vendors have also been instructed to strictly follow safety guidelines in the sale of fireworks.

For the convenience of residents and to address any concerns, the police have established a helpline (94874 64651) where individuals can report grievances or seek assistance.

With these proactive measures in place, the Trichy district police are committed to ensuring a secure and joyful Diwali celebration for all residents, urging cooperation from the public in adhering to safety guidelines and contributing to a peaceful festive atmosphere.

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