Ashwini Ponnappa-Tanisha Crasto in action on day 4 at Yonex-Sunrise Guwahati Masters 2023 on Wednesday in Guwahati.

Tanisha Crasto Thriving in Women’s Doubles Alongside Ashwini Ponnappa

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Tanisha Crasto’s journey into women’s doubles wasn’t initially part of her plan, but alongside Ashwini Ponnappa, she’s embracing the challenge and excelling in the competitive Badminton circuit, particularly in the Race to Paris.

Not unlike former ace Jwala Gutta, Tanisha’s prowess initially leaned towards the fast-paced mixed doubles arena. However, she has seamlessly transitioned into women’s doubles, forging a formidable partnership with the experienced Ashwini Ponnappa.

Reflecting on her unexpected path, Tanisha acknowledges that a year ago, the Olympics seemed distant. However, with determination and resilience, she finds herself in contention for Paris. Despite the competition from Treesa Jolly-Gayatri Gopichand, Tanisha remains focused, trusting that what’s meant for her will come to fruition.

Tanisha’s dynamic style complements Ashwini’s seasoned approach on the court. Despite the 14-year age gap, their partnership thrives on a blend of aggression and composure, each bringing unique strengths to the game. Tanisha’s relentless energy and Ashwini’s seasoned calmness create a potent combination, challenging opponents at every turn.

Their journey together has seen significant milestones, including victories against world champions and impressive performances in prestigious tournaments. Tanisha’s dedication to honing her skills in women’s doubles, characterized by patience and consistency, has propelled their ascent to World No. 23.

While the focus remains on women’s doubles for now, Tanisha acknowledges the potential return to mixed doubles post-Olympics. Despite the competitive landscape, the top four women’s doubles players in India maintain a healthy camaraderie, prioritizing unity over individual success.

Tanisha’s journey is not without sacrifices, as she balances training in Hyderabad while her family resides in Dubai. Despite the challenges, her commitment to the sport and her team remains unwavering.

As she navigates the demanding Badminton circuit, Tanisha Crasto embodies resilience, determination, and a spirit of camaraderie, setting her sights on new heights in the world of Badminton.

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